Ankle Pain

Unresolved ankle pain?

OPTS introduces a unique approach to eliminate ankle pain.

Have you ever sustained and ankle sprain or fracture and continue to have pain even though your physician or therapist reports that nothing is wrong? This may be a result of subluxation of a bone in the ankle which allows you to bend your foot upward and downward. When this bone is out of position, it will limit a person's ability to fully bend their foot upward causing a jamming of the joint and ankle pain. Without treatment this condition can interfere with your ability to walk or run comfortably.

Dr. Karl Sheaffer utilizes a unique mobilization technique which will restore ankle range of motion as well as eliminate pain. Patient's are once again able to return to the activities they love like walking and running.

"My experience is showing that this mobilization technique is also extremely successful not only with chronic cases but acute ankle sprains as well." Dr. Sheaffer will evaluate the ankle and if the assessment reveals a bone is out of position, he will mobilize the ankle which typically resolves the problem in one visit. Dr. Sheaffer will then incorporate strengthening, range of motion and proprioception exercise to restore full function.

Are you suffering from unresolved ankle pain?

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