Knee Pain

You May Not Need Surgery After All

OPTS introduces a non-operative solution for knee pain.

One of the most common causes of knee pain is a tear of the meniscus, which is a layer of cartilage that helps distribute weight, cushions the bones and ultimately wards off early arthritis in the knee joint. While an MRI will generally show whether or not there is actually a tear in the meniscus, surgery isn't necessarily required to fix it. This is a finding based on hundreds of cases of Dr. Karl Sheaffer, a physical therapist and owner of Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists (OPTS) near Fogelsville.

"My experience is showing in most cases that the knee pain is being caused by a pinching of the meniscus and not an actual tear," says Dr. Sheaffer. "I use a mobilization that will un-pinch the cartilage and eliminate my patient's pain."

Dr. Sheaffer says that a joint out of position can cause weakness and pain in the knee. His unique treatment approach returns the joint to its proper position and eliminates the pain. He then incorporates a strengthening program to improve knee stability.

Dr. Sheaffer has had numerous cases of patient's coming to his office with an MRI that revealed a meniscal tear. Not only is the mobilization successful in eliminating the patient's pain, also it prevents the need for a meniscectomy. Often these patients will enter his office ambulating with crutches and leave carrying them out. Dr. Sheaffer is not an advocate of meniscectomy; he feels that removing the cartilage will only lead to early arthritis and knee joint replacement.

Apparently, Dr. Sheaffer's technique is working. Using his advanced treatment approach, he has helped hundreds of patients avoid surgery.

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