We realize our patients have many options for physical therapy, and we strive to provide the finest care with superior results and patient satisfaction. We are honored to be chosen to provide care to all of our patients.

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"Dr. Karl Sheaffer is incredible! I came in with a likely herniated disc that was very debilitating and really affecting my activities of daily living. He quickly adjusted my spine and got me started on various strengthening exercises. After my first visit, the pain was reduced by at least 50%, and after 3 weeks of being with him I essentially have no more pain! He does a great job at walking you through all of the exercises and explaining what each exercise is specifically targeting/strengthening. Dr. Sheaffer has treated numerous members of my family all with similar experiences and we have recommended many friends to come see him, all with incredible reviews. I would recommend anyone with any type of musculoskeletal dysfunction to come see will not be disappointed! Both Karl and Cindy Sheaffer were incredibly welcoming and it was clear that they both wanted to see my symptoms improve as fast as possible. "
Jun 24, 2022
"Dr. Karl S. provided my physical therapy after a total knee replacement, and based on my experience, I highly recommend him. From my first appointment (the day after I was released from the hospital), he followed a regimented plan that ultimately resulted in complete range of motion, flexibility, and noticeable endurance. Another plus worth mentioning was working with the same therapist, as opposed to multiple therapists in a large practice, which resulted in each session being devoted to therapy and exercise rather than catching up on the last visit. At three months,I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Robin F. "
Mar 02, 2021
"I met Dr. Sheaffer last month, after suffering with a low back pain and knee issue for greater than six months. As an avid athlete and runner, I had all but given up on the idea I would ever return to running much again. Within 2 visits he expertly assessed my problems and corrected an SI joint issue and subluxed fibula. The difference was immediate and effective. I am still working through strengthening exercises, but have been able to return to running again with NO pain. What I appreciated the most about Dr. Sheaffer, was not only his knowledge and understanding of my particular issues and his ability to correct them, but also his explanations of them in a way that was easy to understand. I would give my highest recommendation to Dr. Sheaffer, and encourage anyone suffering from musculoskeletal issues to make an appointment."
Dec 23, 2020
"Dr.Sheaffer again to the rescue. Fell down the steps 2/19 and was a sprain which never improved. Saw him one time and he knew what was wrong. Few weeks later felt great. This time my shoulder did not have full mobility woke me up at night. Went to see Dr Sheaffer and he immediately knew it was a frozen shoulder. It took a few months of patience exercises and stretching and I am so much better. You will not find a better man with his expertise. Cindy is great at dealing with all the insurance issues, scheduling appts,etc. Great team work. Thank you again for making people feel better. "
Oct 26, 2020
"My experience with Dr. Karl Sheaffer has been nothing but exceptional. He has treated me with full respect as well as fixing my back issue. His knowledge for the body has fixed me time and time again over the years. With that I thank him for making feel better and better everyday. "
Sep 09, 2020
Jun 03, 2020
"I went to Dr. Karl as a pre-surgical patient before my knee replacement was scheduled. He could immediately see my discomfort and did a quick test to confirm that my tibia was out of alignment. He offered to straighten it and before I left the office, I could tell the swelling went down and I felt so much better. Three more visits for some knee strengthening exercises and I canceled my surgery. The best I felt in 2 years. Thanks! "
Feb 17, 2020
"This summer I had a right shoulder injury. I made an appointment with an orthopedic group. I chose to go the less aggressive route and see a physical therapist. They referred me to Dr. Karl. Honestly it was an awesome experience. During my first visit he knew exactly what the problem was. For a month I visited the office once or twice a week. He gave me a routine of exercising that I could do at home. By the time that I was discharged from his office the pain that I had been experiencing all summer was gone. Several years ago I had my knee replaced. I went to a big hospital therapy group and it was a disaster! If I ever have any kind of orthopedic issues again I definitely will be back to see him. Thank you so much! CK "
Oct 08, 2019
"I just saved myself from getting costly tests & possible surgery with 1 visit! My tibia was subluxated for 3 weeks and he adjusted it back into place - walking fine now. Unbelievable! If you ever have knee or hip issues, this is your place. Very reasonably priced. Wow. Walking fine again. Thank you!"
Sep 04, 2019
"I had a operation and had to have therapy. Had very good results and they are very flexible to schedule appointment. I have had problems with my knee getting out of alignment and I call and get a appointment and it is that simple. Very nice knowledgeable people. "
Aug 10, 2019
"Dr. Karl Sheaffer was highly recommended by friends. They stated that he is a professional and an expert in his field. I was amazed how quickly my injury improved by completing the prescribed exercises at home which I am still doing to increase my motion range. Dr. Sheaffer conducted each session himself which allowed him to closely monitor my progress. His encouragement made it easier to complete each recovery stage. The PA at the surgeon's office was very pleased with my progress and commented on how meticulous Dr. Sheaffer's treatment notes were that were forwarded to their office. Cindy also made scheduling each session very easy. I highly recommend OPTS. Thanks, Gabrielle"
Jul 18, 2019
"Carl Shafer helped me out a few times with strange/undefined knee pain. Regular orthopedic surgeons/doctors could not help me. Recommended my a friend, I gave OPTS a try and Carl used his magic and put my knee back into position a few times. With dedicated exercises he helped me get back on the tennis court. I can highly recommend you to visit Carl and get a totally different opinion and enjoy his expertise and professionalism. "
Jul 16, 2019
"I had trouble with my back my first experience with Karl . My left leg would burn and tingle go numb and really hurt. Karl gave me exercises and it took a little time but he actually got rid of the problem. He really knows the body and how it works. My second visit there was for my left knee. He once again worked his magic and I am pain free. He just amazes me. He is so passionate about his job. I would highly recommend Karl if you ever need physical therapy. He is the best Physical Therapist, Specialist ! If you have pain give him a call, they get back to you very promptly. It definitely is worth it."
Apr 30, 2019
"I had a 100% positive experience with this office. Karl expertly evaluated my knee, pin pointed the problem, did a little manual therapy, and sent me home with four simple, yet very effective exercises for me to do at home. The relief has been immediate. I feel like I have a good knee back! I would highly recommend this team any time. "
Apr 05, 2019
"I would totally recommend Dr. Sheaffer for your therapy. He gets right to the root of the problem and works on getting you better. Cindy the practice manager is very helpful and friendly. I feel good now!!! Thank you!!"
Mar 21, 2019
"Dr. Karl has provided PT for my entire family for issues that ranged from lower back pain (herniated disc), knee and neck pain. Without exception, he properly diagnosed the situation and prescribed the appropriate PT to resolve the condition! The practice is highly professional, organized, and competent. My family is grateful as his expertise not only resolved the issues but, it avoided unnecessary invasive procedures. Highly recommend the practice."
Mar 20, 2019
"My daughter has gone to Dr. Sheaffer on two different occasions. The first time, she was 9 years old and had a left leg ankle injury. We went to CHOP to see an Orthopedic Surgeon who did an x-ray and put my daughter in a boot for 4 weeks. She missed the entire softball season. They never saw a break on the x-ray, but based on the location of the injury and swelling, they told me she had a break in the growth plate. After 4 weeks, they removed the boot and she was still in pain. They recommended physical therapy. We found Dr. Sheaffer through a friend whose daughter had a similar ankle injury. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Sheaffer, he looked at her feet and could tell there was no break in the ankle, but her ankle was out of alignment. He performed a few exercises on her and fixed her ankle within minutes. She was pain-free and back to sports immediately. The second time we went to Dr. Sheaffer she was 11 years old. My daughter has had knee issues since she was around 7 years old. She is very active in multiple sports throughout the year. When her knee issues first started, we saw a local Orthopedic Surgeon recommended by our pediatrician. He told us her knee issue was related to her going through a growth spurt and to wear padded knee braces that had a foam cushion to keep the knee cap from sliding out of place. She has worn knee braces for all sports ever since and her knee cap would continue to dislocate (specifically her right knee). A few weeks ago she was at a winter softball clinic and her knee dislocated during a batting drill causing significant swelling and pain. We went to urgent care, they did an x-ray and they recommended follow up with an Orthopedic. At our follow up with Orthopedics, they recommended an MRI and physical therapy. We got the results from the MRI which showed a complete tear of the meniscus in her right knee, but they said it was an old injury and recommended surgery. Surgery for my 11 year old daughter. We had already had scheduled PT with Dr. Sheaffer for the same day and Ortho recommended going to the appt. I'm so glad we did. Dr. Sheaffer again looked at her MRI report as well as her knees and feet. He performed a few tests on both her legs and based on those tests he could tell her right tibia was out of place at the knee. Within the first 5 minutes, he popped her tibia back in place. My daughter felt it and we all heard it pop. The pain went away within two days. She attended all three of her sports practices/games that same weekend and did not wear any knee braces for the first time in four years. The swelling completely disappeared with the few times we had physical therapy. I would recommend Dr. Sheaffer for anyone needing physical therapy. He has been wonderful at addressing the issue at the root cause with both of my daughters' injuries instead of jumping to surgery. My daughter does have a completely torn meniscus, but that has not been the reason for her knee issues. Being hypermobile was the prime reason for the tibia coming out of place years ago which caused the "old" completely torn meniscus. We will not be having surgery thanks to Dr. Sheaffer. "
Feb 01, 2019
"I have been a patient of OPTS off and on for over 8 years. After a failed ACL surgery rehab with a surgeon owned physical therapy center I was referred to Dr. Karl Schaeffer by my family practice physician. Basically my case was a train wreck and I was remanded by the initial surgeon to a physical therapy assistant for my care who did not identify the problem. Fortunately, Dr. Schaeffer was able to identify that the ACL surgery was done incorrectly and recommended I seek alternate opinions from other surgeons on a course of action. After a subsequent surgery to remove the implanted ACL, I proceeded with physical therapy until I had completely recovered. The difference with OPTS is you get a Doctor of Physical Therapy who knows what he is doing every visit for your care. I highly recommend Dr. Schaeffer to anyone in need of physical therapy. "
Nov 20, 2018
"Dr. Karl has been an asset to my family over the past 15 years. He was recommended by an OAA representative regarding my teenage daughter's back issues. Dr. Karl fitted her with lifts to correct her spine alignment. My husband's back pain was healed through physical therapy with Dr. Karl. And I thank him dearly for the phenomenal exercises that keep my entire spine in alignment and eliminate the pain of my herniated disk. I love that he has a no nonsense plan for patients to heal and get back to what it is they enjoy most in life. "
Apr 27, 2017
"I was skeptical when my Orthopedic suggested I go for physical therapy. I have been down this road before, and warm heating pads and exercises were not helping with the deeper issues I was having. I waited a week or two before finally breaking down and making the call to Dr. Karl. I am so glad that I did! Dr. Karl is not like other PTs, his knowledge and training take him way beyond what I have experienced with past therapy. Dr. Karl was able to identify the problem, alleviate the pain that I was experiencing and then show me supporting exercises to increase core strength. I will happily recommend him to friends and family."
Mar 22, 2017
"As an collegiate athlete, you expect to have injuries throughout your career. I have had several injuries that cause me a lot of pain and affect how well I can compete, but with Dr. Karl's help I am back playing my hardest within a week, and it is as though the injury was never there. "
Mar 08, 2017

"Any discomfort I have in my neck, back, shoulder, leg, knee or ankle, I would see Dr. Karl Sheaffer before any orthopedic surgeon. Most often the problem is an alignment issue that is resolved by Dr. Sheaffer. Since he's not affiliated with any big hospital network, there are no hidden fees, just my copay. Most often, he fixes my problem with one visit and some ongoing exercises to do. This therapist has a sixth sense about your musculoskeletal system. Our entire family goes to him for the past 15 years. There is no one like him!"

Diane C.

"It is difficult to count the number of times Dr. Sheaffer saved me from going to and orthopedic surgeon and kept me on the tennis court. He immediately takes away my knee pain with a minor manipulation. No need for arthroscopy. See Dr. Sheaffer instead!"

Peter C.

"Dr. Sheaffer is my go to man for my lower back pain. He understands the human body and he explains everything very clearly for us people that need exactly that. I have told coworkers about OPTS so that alone shows how impressed I've been. That is not something I usually do. Thank you Doc. I'll be back when needed."

Richard S.

"I have been living with a single knee problem for 15 years. Most of the cartilage on only the inner side of my left knee was done over 10 years ago. The first orthopedic MD that reviewed my situation wanted to perform arthroscopic surgery to clean a tear. I refused and sought a second opinion. The second orthopedic MD shot me up with cortisone, then hyaluronic acid lubricant, then fitted me with an awkward knee brace that I was told was to be with me for the rest of my life. At my first visit to Dr. Sheaffer for a different minor issue, I was wearing shorts and Dr. Sheaffer asked why I was wearing the brace. I relayed the history and was told that I could throw away the brace with the right treatment. Of course, I was very skeptical because I had vacation scheduled to Alaska requiring a fair bit of hiking. After the treatment by Dr. Sheaffer, I did go to Alaska without the brace and proceeded to hike a trail that took me up 500 vertical feet with no problem. Since then I backpacked and hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim at the age of 61 and the brace is still on my closet shelf as a reminder. Since those first visits, I will go to no other physical therapist and have referred others who have had excellent results. There is no one better in the Lehigh Valley."

Robert E.

"Three days before my family's vacation to Disneyworld, my knee buckled while running. I couldn't put weight on my leg. I couldn't walk! The next day I called Dr. Sheaffer. He gave me an appointment that day. My husband drove me to to my appointment and helped me get into the office. After 20 minutes of Dr. Sheaffer working on my knee, I was walking. I did 20 minutes of exercise and walked out of Dr. Sheaffer's office. I went on my family vacation to Disneyworld and had a great week of swimming and walking. Dr. Sheaffer saved our family vacation."

Julie D.

"I thank you for your help and for the advice you have given to me. I believe you did as much as you could for me considering my situation with my back."

Dr. Joseph C.

"Dr. Karl Sheaffer is a superior Physical Therapist who takes his job seriously and really knows his specialty. He has treated me & my children for a variety of injuries/issues over many years. Dr. Sheaffer is always spot-on with his diagnosis and treatments. His wife Cindy is cheery & keeps the front office running smoothly. I highly recommend this practice if you're in need of some PT magic!"

Kathy G.

"Best physical therapy option around. Dr. Sheaffer offers a level of patient care beyond other providers."

Ernie S.

"I am VERY pleased with the care my family received from Orthopedic PT Specialists. First, about two years ago, my daughter (a dancer) was referred to them for physical therapy for shin splints. At the very first appointment, the doctor examined her legs, asked many questions and then studied her walk. He then turned to us and said she didn't need physical therapy she just had a gait issue and needed orthotics. As soon as she got the orthotics, the shin splints went away and she has not had them again since. Then recently, I went to him because I had been having a great deal of knee pain from instructing Zumba. He checked out my legs and within minutes told me the bones were out of alignment. Right then and there, he adjusted them both and the pain was gone. In just one visit, both issues were resolved. I would highly recommend anyone having similar issues be examined by Dr. Sheaffer before proceeding any further. It could save you a lot of time and headache."

Donna B.

"If you want the best PT treatment in the Lehigh Valley, come here! This is a 1-on-1 clinic, (not a meat factory for the surgeons as I call the big hospital/PT clinics). I always recommend Dr. Sheaffer, he is without a doubt, the best in the area. Personable and priendly. I trust Dr. Sheaffer, my family & I have been coming here since he opened. He has FIXED our shoulders, knees, feet, neck and backs! NO SURGERY!"

So before going for surgery, let Dr. Sheaffer evaluate your symptoms, a minor tear doesn't always require surgery, just physical therapy. If you do require surgery, TELL your surgeon where you are going for P.T. and Don't let them tell or sway you otherwise, You do have a CHOICE in your healthcare. They always "recommend" their own in house P.T. factory, not the best Physical Therapist."

Tony V.

"Dr. Karl Sheaffer is the best physical therapist I've ever been too, and I've had knee and back problems since I was in middle school. He is always very thorough when evaluating a new condition, and is often able to pinpoint the problem within a very short time and correct the issue quickly. In addition on more complex cases, Dr. Sheaffer will think outside the standard practices to ensure the patient is able to improve. I had a total knee replacement due to severe trauma when I was 30 years old, and had significant scar tissue as a result of the trauma and surgery. He worked with me 5 days a week to ensure the my knee healed properly and I am now able to walk without a limp or cane. He even worked with my primary care physician to identify and treat hyper nerve sensitivities as a result of the surgeries and trauma to my knee. I've never had a physical therapist so hands on and concerned with my well being and I don't think I would be walking without a cane if it wasn't for his physical therapy."

Nicole M.

"Dr. Karl Sheaffer is the best; he gave me back my life! I had chronic neck pain that required me to be on two different medications daily to function. I saw several doctors who sent me for numerous scans, x-rays, MRI's and finally to pain management specialists. I was told I could have surgery or injections to ease my pain, I wasn't interested in either. I was also told that without surgery, I would have the chronic pain the rest of my life. A good friend referred me to Dr. Sheaffer, and after several visits with adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises; my pain subsided and eventually became non-existent. The medications went in the garbage and I had my life back....I wouldn't go to anyone else or refer anyone but Dr. Sheaffer. He provides a no-nonsense approach, in a personal setting, providing excellent one-on-one care!"

Kim B.

"You diagnosed and fixed my elbow pain in about five minutes, then guided me through several strengthening exercises that got me back to full usage of my arm."

"You attacked the problem looking at all possible angles and source of pain. You managed to determine the the issue on the day of evaluation and took immediate action to correct it."

"You were 100% attentive to my situation."

"You didn't just treat it over and over, you looked to find the problem and a solution."

"Everything was explained very clearly. The care was excellent!!!!!!!! I can attend aerobic class without pain!!!!! I thank you and my feet thank you!!!"

"Excellent-great improvement continues today. Will not hesitate to recommend you to others."

"It was great. Dr. Sheaffer really helped me out a lot."

"You reduced my pain and increased my mobility. You explained the nature of my problem well and always made it clear what and why you were doing. The personal attention was nothing short of amazing. While I still have discomfort, it is far more manageable, and I know how and what to do to help myself."

"Returned to 100% health and normal life style."

"The hands-on approach and attention to detail that Dr. Sheaffer provided me was amazing. I do not think that my knee would be bending past 90 degrees without his help. Cindy was also great in resolving insurance problems and scheduling. I am forever grateful that I came to OPTS for rehab."

"Dear Cindy and Dr. Karl Sheaffer,

It was difficult for me to begin writing a testimonial. How could I put in words my gratitude to you both, not only have you changed my quality of life, but my family and I also feel we have added to our family circle by having you in our lives. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for all your care, concern and gift of healing. I suffered everyday for 5-1/2 years; the pain took it's toll on me. My life is much better now and I know you are always there for me, and know exactly how to help me."

C. Stiegler

"Dr. Karl Sheaffer's attention to detail, individual treatment, one-on-one care was very beneficial. Being a patient for numerous contact sport-related injuries, Dr. Sheaffer, and his motion treatment got me back to my playing condition faster. I recommend anyone with sports, work, or surgical PT needs to Dr. Sheaffer because he works with you one-on-one on and individual basis."


"Having been a client and an intern for OPTS, I was able to get a true feeling for how Dr. and Mrs. Sheaffer run their clinic. They sincerely care about each patient and always seem to find a way to connect with each of them. They are dedicated to personal DPT attention for the duration of each session and do not rush people through their workouts as most bigger and over-scheduled physical therapy places do. The environment is relaxing, friendly, and most conducive to a client's progression.

When a family member, friend, or acquaintance needs physical therapy, I always mention OPTS. If someone needs orthopedic surgery I suggest they go see Dr. Sheaffer first. I have seen countless cases including my mother and myself in Dr. Sheaffer found that surgery was not necessary and the problem could be remedied with joint manipulation and muscle strengthening. I have worked with several therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, athletic trainers, etc. but none more knowledgeable in the field than Dr. Sheaffer, and none more pleasant. As much as we hope to stay healthy, my family and I will always turn to OPTS if we should find ourselves in need oftheir services."


"Dr. Sheaffer helped me attain the goal I set, and to be back out on the ski slopes in record time. I really appreciate the "one-on-one care" provided and knowing that I was only working with Dr. Sheaffer. He really explained everything even down to how much it would hurt, and I appreciated his honesty and caring. He was also always on time. I never sat in the waiting room more than 5 minutes. The environment in your office is warm and friendly, and it made it easy to come in for treatment."

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