SI Joint Dysfunction

Low back, buttock, groin, or leg pain?

You may have a sacroiliac (SI) joint Joint dysfunction.

A SI joint dysfunction is often ignored or dismissed as an insignificant feature of musculoskeletal health. However, SI joint dysfunction is a legitimate syndrome, separate from the type of low back pain associated with disc conditions, lumbago, or sciatica. SI joint dysfunction commonly affects women more than men with an incidence of 15% to 38% in the general population. Furthermore, SI joint dysfunction may be a contributing factor in failed back surgery syndrome.

The sacroiliac joints primary responsibility is to transfer weight of the upper body to the lower extremities. Causes of SI joint dysfunction may secondary to a limb length discrepancy or gait dysfunction as well as trauma, hormonal and inflammatory joint disease.

Dr. Karl Sheaffer, a physical therapist and owner of Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists (OPTS) near Fogelsville has 30 years experience treating SI joint dysfunctions. He will perform a thorough evaluation in order to determine the cause of your SI joint dysfunction and provide the appropriate treatment. Treatment options may include SI joint mobilization, core strengthening, orthotics, heel lift or SI joint brace.

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Are you suffering from low back buttock, groin, or leg pain?

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